Low-Voltage (LV) Kapasitor

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NWC6 series dry low-voltage shunt capacitor is suitable for
power frequency AC power system with nominal voltage of
1000V and below to raise power factor, reduce line loss and
improve voltage quality. It is filled with dry flame-retardant
materials internally.

Conform the StandardIEC 60831 - 1 - 2002
Dry type, Filled with dry flame - retardant material internally
Can be mounted vertically and horizontally
protectionOver pressure device and disconnecting fuse
Capacitance error5 - 10%
Allowable max over voltage1,1 Un
Allowable max over current1,3 Un
Noteif THD (u) < 3% use 450V
if THD(u) > 3% and <5% use 525V
if THD(u) > 5% use 525V + Reactor

kapasitor/capacitor/chint capacitor/chint/produk chint/alat listrik/peralatan listrik/perlengkapan listrik

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